Ready To Start Pulling In Money Hand-Over-Fist Whether You’re Working, Sleeping Or Having Sex?

What If I Could Show You How To Setup A Simple Money-Making System, Walk Away From It And Watch It Earn Commissions For You Day In And Day Out?

Video Ranking Club uses a unique and proven system ANY entrepreneur or business can follow
to tap into the power of the world’s LARGEST search engines YouTube & Google and get them to work FOR YOU to pull in traffic, leads and sales for FREE (while attracting the hottest leads on EARTH)

Regardless of what business you’re in, whether you’re a local mom & pop shop or a thriving internet enterprise, you can DRAMATICALLY increase your sales numbers by simply uploading videos to YouTube!

By the way…do you remember WHY you got into business in the first place?

I bet you saw the people at the top making tons of money whether they were in the office or on vacation.

And I bet that’s what you WANTED for yourself. Maybe you still do.

Maybe you imagined a life where your business was thriving and successful and pulling in money day or night that was more than enough to take care of your family, who you finally had time to spend with.

But THEN what happened?

What Happened To That DREAM BUSINESS You Were Building?

My guess is…the business got off track. Maybe WAY off track.

When you started off I’m willing to bet you saw someone make promises of “earning money ONLINE from HOME” and your brain exploded with possibilities about a rich and vibrant future. You probably rolled your sleeves up and started hustling, knowing that if you could get this to work then you and your family would never worry about money again.

But then things started to change…

Your business turned into even more work than your JOB…

…WITHOUT making the kind of money you REALLY wanted it to make.

But I want you to make me a promise right here, right now.

That no matter how far off track you got away from your that dream business you had in your head, that you won’t stop until you make it a reality…

What You Are About To Read WILL Change Your Life…If You Let It…

Whether or not you know what it feels like to wake up to money that came in while you were sleeping day after day, I want you to imagine that you wake up EVERY MORNING to “overnight money”. That would change everything…right?

Imagine that you built a business that earns for you around the clock, whether you’re awake or sleeping…

One that gives your time back to spend it doing WHAT you love with the PEOPLE you love…

And one that TRULY sets you and your family free in EVERY sense of the word…

What would your new life look like? Waking up whenever you want. Knowing you didn’t have a boss to report to. That you could attend 100% of your kid’s events or accept any invitation at any time to hang out with friends because YOU own your schedule. 

What would it feel like to know that as you were going through your day, no matter WHAT you were doing, that your business was busy working for you to earn you more money?

How would you spend your time if you weren’t shackled to a 9-5 job you hated or a business that demands more time than you ever thought you’d have to give it?

What if you could leverage already-existing BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESSES to get them to do all the heavy-lifting promoting your brand so that you could pull in profits at a startling rate?

At the end of the day, I want to let you know that all of this is possible for you and it’s possible NOW. Pay attention, because I’m going to show you EXACTLY what you need to do to make all of this REAL…


After All, You’ve Worked So Hard For This, Don’t You Deserve It?

Remember again, when you FIRST started seeing people making HUGE amounts of money on the internet?

They defied the odds and did what society told them they couldn’t do: not just making money without a boss, but making more money in a MONTH than most people make in one or more YEARS of working at a a job!

Yes, maybe you’re thinking that they “know things that you don’t know” and I’m here to tell you YES THAT’S TRUE but if THEY can learn how to do it, then guess what? YOU CAN TOO!

But before you start plastering your walls with business battle plans “Beautiful Mind” style…

I Want You To SINCERELY Know That You Are NOT Alone And You Do NOT Need To “Reinvent The Wheel” To Make All Of This Happen

The truth is…if you want to make a full-time income online…you can simply leverage the biggest brands out there to make it easier.

I’m talking about brands like YouTube and Google that are worth BILLIONS and have giant audiences full of BUYERS that we can get in front of for FREE to sell our products and services to.

The technique we’ll use is called “Video Ranking”.

Think of it as acquiring digital real estate, but you own videos instead of homes (and they’re FREE to get!)

With PHYSICAL real estate you can make money EVERY MONTH from every home you have. The same goes ONLINE with something as simple as a YouTube channel, but each VIDEO can bring in money EVERY DAY!

All You Need Is A Proven System That Is EASY To Follow

Once you have that system in place, I’ll show you how to navigate it so that you can simply publish videos on YouTube regularly and watch as they go through the system and turn into profit-pulling assets that build your dream business FOR YOU.

More Videos = More PASSIVE Income

More Passive Income = Less Time Spent On Your Business

Less Time Spent On Your Business + Passive Income = The Beginning Of Your Dream Life!

But before we approach the edge of the pool and dive in, I feel like it’s fair if you know a little bit more about me…


My Name Is Benjamin Jacques And I’m The Creator Of Video Ranking Club

I consider myself incredibly lucky to be able to make a full time six-figure income by simply posting videos on social media sites. It definitely wasn’t always always like this. In fact, I remember periods of my life where I wasn’t just broken financially, but broken on a spiritual level too…

There was actually a time where my business was crashing to the earth around me so fast that I ran out of money completely. For about two months I was eating 1-2 muffins a day and when I completely hit zero I found myself digging in dumpsters for food after 10 days of not eating. It wasn’t a pretty sight, and it was actually the lowest point in my life. Little did I know how much things would change for me in the coming months and years…

I went from 10 days without eating to having days where I made $10,000 in under 10 hours. I went from not having enough money to get a meal to booking flights to Bali to rent out a private villa for 2 MONTHS “just because”. Thanks to the power of video marketing my life has changed completely, and THAT my friend is what I want for YOU TOO…

A Look Into My Old Life And My New One

Over A Decade Of Publishing Videos Online Has Truly Set Me Free

I remember the first time I created a sales page online and I sent it to my mentor so he could give me the thumbs up and we could launch it. The words he said next would send shivers down my spine the second they were said…

“Just shoot a video for the page and then we’re good to go.”

I had never shot a video before. I was TERRIFIED (to say the least). Sure I knew that there were plenty of people online who were making all kinds of money with videos, but I had never made one before. I tried to get out of it but he stood his ground so I put on a goofy suit jacket and shot 50 takes before I got a not-TOTALLY-horrible video to put on the page.

What happened next shocked me…We took the page live and I actually had three $1,000+ days back to back to back. This was while I was in college mind you, so I was STOKED!!!

Funny thing is, that actually led me to dropping out on the spot. But I’ll tell you more about that later…

At that point I made the decision to go full time in the world of entrepreneurship and I knew that if ONE video had given me these kinds of results with my first little test project, if I got this “video thing” down then I’d be able to make some REAL MONEY! And it was at this point that I had a VERY important decision to make…

And that decision was whether I was going to sit and watch everyone else make money with video or TAKE ACTION And Get MY Slice Of The Pie!

Thankfully I chose the right path and I charged forward spending the next few years learning as much as I could about video marketing while peppering thousands of videos all across the internet testing everything I could test.

And I didn’t stop there. I went on to learn from some of the top SEO experts in the world and began heavily investing my time and money into not just testing, but in hiring teams to help scale things much larger than I could do working by myself.

From there everything took off and my results began to RISE while my time investment in my business went DOWN. This was what I was hunting since DAY ONE when I went into business: a system that could TRULY earn money without me having to work all day.

This system has allowed me to go from being chained to my desk all day trying to figure everything out to being able to wake up and know that I can do ANYTHING I want and go ANYWHERE I want that day, all because of this simple system.

My desire is to share this system with YOU so that you can follow these proven and time-tested strategies that I’ve laid out for you so that you can have just as much if not more success than I’ve had with all of this. All I ask is that you take action and implement what you learn so that we can feature YOUR testimonial story on the page soon thanks to the amazing results you’re about to get.

What I’ve Been Able To Accomplish By Simply Ranking Videos

At the time of writing this I’m 25 (almost 26) and although I’m young, I’ve been able to overcome a lot in my life and come out on the other end building systems that are securing my future more and more every single day.

The truth is that SKILLS will set you free and allow you to make as much money as you’ve ever dreamed of, and this skill of ranking videos is certainly one that can help unlock many doors for you.

Here Are A Few Doors This Particular Skill Has UNLOCKED For Me:

Firing My Boss & Making My Own Rules

While most people punch an alarm clock and then struggle through a long commute to a job they don’t want to be at, I’m able to wake up whenever I want and do whatever I want that day. I report to nobody. No commute. No job. No boss. 

I know that I have TONS of videos spread all over the internet that are pulling in a more-than-full-time income for me and that feels AMAZING. After all, you just need the INCOME part. You do NOT need the J-O-B (just over broke) part.

Traveling The World Thanks To Location Freedom

Because these videos are selling for me 24/7 all around the world, that means that I myself can go all around the world since I’m not tied to any physical location to make money (like a job or local business). And trust me, I take advantage of it!

Nothing is more relaxing than tanning poolside in the Bali sun knowing in the back of my mind that there are videos online I might have made MONTHS ago that continue to pull in money day after day WITHOUT me having to “go to work”.

Breaking Free & Getting My Time Back

Trust me, breaking free from a job didn’t mean that everything was sunshine & rainbows in the business world, especially starting out. At first I ended up just creating a new job for myself that paid barely anything but required ALL my time!

Thankfully I was able to break away and learn that it was all about LEVERAGE and setting up SYSTEMS like this one. Today it doesn’t matter whether I’m working, sleeping or having sex; I know that my videos will bring in money around the clock.

Contributing Daily & Helping People Worldwide

After I was able to really understand this system and get it working for myself, I knew it was time to get it in the hands of as many entrepreneurs as I could to help them set themselves free. I knew my system could build my DREAM business.

Getting messages in my inbox daily about the RESULTS people are getting thanks to following my system is something I’ll never get tired of. Video Ranking Club has helped people all across the globe take their businesses to the next level.


You Will Experience With Video Ranking Club

LEVERAGE So Your Business Can Grow WITHOUT You

LEVERAGE is what you need to ensure that your business can run without you. And when it can run without you, that’s when you can start earning REAL passive income.

It’s the EASIEST way to run your business…because YOU don’t actually have to be there running it 100% of the time, aka you get to work LESS and earn MORE!

A WORLDWIDE REACH To Make Sales All Across The Globe

WORLDWIDE REACH means that your business has moved BEYOND glass ceilings, and you can bring in customers from all corners of the globe, day or night. Cool, right?

Whether you’re a local marketer who wants to get a stampede of customers through the door or a digital entrepreneur selling worldwide, videos are your key to global reach.


DIGITAL ASSETS can be thought of as the online equivalent to owning real estate, but instead of owning houses, you own videos that can make you money DAILY!

The game is simple: the more profitable digital assets you own, the more money your business will make. Make more videos and you’ll pull in more profits.


TARGETED CUSTOMERS means the days of chasing your customers around endlessly are OVER. When you start ranking videos, customers come to YOU!

Every second millions of people are flocking to Google and YouTube to search for videos. When they start seeking YOU out, they come to already READY TO BUY.

HIGHER CONVERSIONS By Attracting Hungry Buyers

HIGHER CONVERSIONS means that you can make a TON of money only getting in front of a FEW people. So imagine what happens when you get in front of a LOT!

Videos pre-frame people to get them ready to buy, so by the time they show up in front of YOU, their credit card is already out and they’re ready to be SOLD. Easy, right?

A Video Ranking Club Story: Bob Kellogg


You Too Can Get Results With Video, Regardless Of What Business You’re In

I’ve worked with people in all kinds of different businesses to help them achieve more success with video working with everyone from local business owners to multiple 7-figure digital empires.

This is why I can say with 100% certainty that you will be able to easily implement this system and get results, PERIOD.

It doesn’t matter what your experience level is either. Video Ranking Club is designed to let you go at your own pace.

The only thing required on your end is to plug in and take action.

How Video Ranking Club WILL Change Your Life (If You Let It)

Imagine for a moment that your dream business was REAL. You know, the one you’ve wanted since day one?

Imagine that you could wake up in the morning and check your accounts to see how much money your videos pulled in for you while you were sound asleep!

What if you could learn the simple strategies to make all this happen – so you could start using videos TODAY to secure your FUTURE?

What if you had the chance to learn how to set all of this up step-by-step literally watching over my shoulder as I did it myself, so you have ZERO confusion on how it’s done?

And what if you could get started on building this thriving video business TODAY, so that you can start seeing rankings and results as soon as TOMORROW?

In short, imagine turning that dream business in your head into a REALITY!


How Do I Get Started With Video Ranking Club?

Simply follow my lead as I walk by your side through the simple video ranking techniques I know can get you results. I’ll literally show you over my shoulder as I build these EXACT systems out.

I’ll show you everything you need to know to start putting videos online that start growing your business. WARNING: Once you see the results from the first few, you’ll be HOOKED!

And finally, make sure that you COMMIT FULLY and TAKE ACTION.

Available EXCLUSIVELY inside of Video Ranking Club, you’ll be able to unlock all the information you need to not only get a profitable video business launched ASAP, but to get others to run it so that you RELAX!

The Last Video Marketing Course You’ll Ever Need

Here’s What You’re About To Get INSTANT ACCESS To

  • AN ARSENAL of powerful and easy-to-use video marketing and ranking techniques guaranteed to help you position your videos in front of the hungriest buyers in the world. This ensures that your prospects come to you already pre-sold, which makes it MUCH EASIER to close sales. Instead of hearing objections from your prospects they’ll just be asking you where to pay
  • EXTREMELY DETAILED ACCOUNTS of how myself and my clients kick off YouTube accounts FAST to ensure that the results can start coming in sooner than later so we can launch multiple income streams WEEKLY
  • CUTTING-EDGE ranking techniques that NEVER get outdated and ensure you can take advantage of Google and YouTube to siphon of a piece of their profits for yourself and your business
  • SECRET TECHNIQUES that are often HIDDEN from the industry completely and only reserved for those running 7-figure SEO businesses (You’ll get access to ALL of them)
  • INTIMATE CASE STUDIES and coaching call recordings between myself and my clients as I map out personal game plans for them that YOU can model to EXPLODE your video business
  • And much, much more…

Below you’ll find more details about what’s included in each module…

CHAPTER 1: Preparing The Foundation For Your Video EMPIRE

Our journey to pulling in free traffic, leads and sales by ranking videos begins here. This part of the program will help you build a strong and powerful foundation to ensure that your business survives the test of time while exposing the mistakes your competition is making that you can avoid. Not only will you get total clarity on EXACTLY what it takes to succeed with this, but you’ll develop a new skill that can make you money for LIFE.

  • Learn how to leverage BILLION DOLLAR COMPANIES (Google & YouTube) in order to get them to do most of the hard work for you and actually PROMOTE you
  • How to develop a video marketing model that will allow you to create income AT WILL and allow you and your family to pull in money WITHOUT working a 9-5
  • You’ll be introduced to the best way to setup your YouTube channel to ensure that it pulls in not just attention, but hungry buyers who are READY TO PURCHASE
  • We’ll work together to uncover your MILLION DOLLAR MESSAGE so that when you put videos online, they lock people in and convert them into customers in a snap
  • You will see how you can create a WORLDWIDE IMPACT and not only serve people all around the world through video, but get SALES from all around the world too

CHAPTER 2: Attracting The HUNGRIEST Customers In The World

How much easier would it be to pull in sales day after day if you knew EXACTLY what your customers were thinking at all times with almost near-psychic ability? That’s what this module will teach you how to do effortlessly. You’ll be able to know EVERYTHING about the people you’re selling to, including EXACTLY what you need to do to make sales and how to predict and overcome objections before they even come up with them.

  • The daily practice to get inside the head of who you’re selling to so that you can tell when they’re ABOUT TO BUY and swoop in at the perfect time to CLOSE THE SALE
  • One simple trick to control the emotional state of your viewers so that they feel compelled to buy from you and KEEP BUYING over time when you make new offers
  • How to “step into the shoes of your customer” so that you know exactly where they are in the sales process, giving you the ability connect with them to get them to buy
  • A hidden strategy the pros use to SKIP parts of the sales process and fast track right to where the sale is CLOSED and they’re even giving you REFERRALS
  • The secret to getting those messages in your inbox from people who felt like “you made that video JUST FOR THEM” who have ALREADY bought before messaging you 

CHAPTER 3: Laser-Targeting Keywords That Make MONEY

In the world of sales, the last thing that we want to do is feel “salesy” and get a ton of objections from the people we’re selling to. There’s no fun in that (and very little money). That’s why this course is designed to show you how to only attract hungry buyers who are already searching for what you’re selling, and by the time they find you they’re ready to PURCHASE from you. All we have to do is uncover their “MONEY KEYWORDS.”

  • How to let go of your “problem prospects” FOREVER by not targeting the keywords that draw them in, meaning less objections to answer and way less stress
  • The FAST FORMULA to find keywords that INSTANTLY connect to your viewers and get them to pay attention, stay engaged and purchase from you QUICKLY
  • How to raise your demand in the marketplace by CONSTANTLY SHOWING UP #1 above your competition so that when customers look for solutions they think of YOU
  • The “Money Keywords Attract Money PEOPLE” concept – and how you can embrace it in your business to pull in people that don’t just buy, but get their FRIENDS to buy too
  • The simple way to control the EXACT quality of people who watch your videos so that you’re only dealing with people who you like, that like you and LOVE BUYING from you

CHAPTER 4: Building Funnels That Turn Viewers Into BUYERS

Too many “video marketing courses” out there seem to forget you need POWERFUL FUNNELS attached to the videos you’re producing so that you can PRODUCE PASSIVE INCOME. Without the right funnel, you’re toast and making money will forever be an uphill battle. But WITH the right funnel in place you can have a machine that cranks out commissions for you whether it’s day or night, whether you’re working or sleeping.

  • How to pick the PERFECT FUNNEL for your video marketing business that will SELL FOR YOU so that you can earn the TRUE PASSIVE INCOME everyone is seeking
  • The self-sustaining system you can setup TODAY that will perpetually grow your profits by explaining your products and services to prospects you don’t even have to MEET
  • What it takes to run a business where sales come in throughout the day WITHOUT you needing to have a drawn-out sales conversation with ANY of your prospects
  • The importance of setting up the right FLOW to take your audience through so that you can convert as many of your video viewers to buyers as humanely possible
  • My secret 3-step formula to build funnels quickly that can FLOOD hot new leads into your business while converting them into customers on autopilot

CHAPTER 5: The Secret To Creating Videos That CONVERT

If you’re like me, you want to make sure that if you’re investing your time into a system like this that your time is being used as effectively as possible. Getting higher conversions on the viewers you turn into buyers is what makes sure your time counts. The truth is those who make the most money in this industry are MASTERS OF CONVERSION and know exactly what you’re about to learn: the art of creating sales from thin air.

  • The ONLY WAY to kick off your funnel so that it works to pull in sales right from the start (If you miss this then your entire funnel could be rendered absolutely worthless)
  • How to “Clear The Clutter” and setup the perfect money-trapping system in record time that does nothing but clock sales for you from the best customers in the world
  • The models that 6/7/8 figure earners use to weave magic into every word they speak in their videos that hypnotically get their viewers to buy over and over and over again
  • The real-life science of what it takes to make a video that converts sales so that you can ensure that every second of your video is working to raise your profits in real time
  • How to never waste your time again and ensure that whenever you DO sit down to work, your system converts EVEN BETTER than it had the day before


CHAPTER 6: How To Outrank Even Your Biggest Competitors

No matter how fierce your competition is, using the strategies in this chapter alone will help you outrank them, INSTANTLY in most cases. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local business trying to get all the foot traffic in your area to come to you, or you have an internet business and you want to outrank Fortune 50 companies in the search engines. Outranking your competition means you can turn THEIR customers into YOUR customers.

  • A shockingly simple strategy you can use to outrank videos on Google & YouTube in literally SECONDS, even if your competitors have been ranking on the page for YEARS
  • How to EFFORTLESSLY spread your message worldwide by positioning videos right in front of the most targeted people ever who have been waiting to find someone like you
  • The easiest way to outgrow every competitor in your marketplace and even use a sneaky ninja trick to siphon off a HUGE chunk of their traffic over to YOUR videos
  • One trick to rapidly grow your video views by getting YouTube to MARKET FOR YOU (a BILLION DOLLAR company promoting you for FREE! Cool, right?)
  • What it takes to not just get a ranking, but ensure that your ranking will STICK even if competitors come on the page or the search engines start to make big changes again

CHAPTER 7: Monetizing Your Videos A Million Different Ways

Whether you already have something to sell or have no idea what to sell online, this chapter will open your eyes to all kinds of ways you can make money with video. You can dig in and explode one income stream to a whole new level or you can add on multiple income streams that grow side by side. The beautiful thing about ranking videos is that they you can pull in unlimited income, meaning you can grow without limits.

  • The secret to SKYROCKET your main income stream so that you can amplify it’s power and watch it grow bigger and more bulletproof every single day
  • Seven income streams you can incorporate into your business to diversify your earnings to all new levels (these are only a FEW of the potential streams you can add on)
  • How to setup ONE YouTube channel that can pull in income from DOZENS of sources, allowing you to spike your income through the roof easier than ever
  • What it takes to ensure that when you add on NEW income streams, the old ones become even more powerful so that all your money is growing together
  • Advanced monetization models usually reserved for those at the top that you can tap into quickly and easily so fast-track the success of your business

CHAPTER 8: Automating Your Way To Time Freedom

You didn’t get into business to work all day. You got into it for FREEDOM. And the only thing that will ever GIVE YOU that time and financial freedom you desire is having systems that are working for you while you’re not working. Systems like you’re about to learn how to setup in this course that once built, only require a small amount of maintenance on your end to ensure they’re bringing new customers into your business DAILY.

  • The action plan you need to follow to ensure that you’re able to spend your time however you want while your business runs smoothly for you in the background
  • How to avoid the #1 mistake most entrepreneurs make that leave them time-poor as their profits grow, and how to reverse it so your money goes up and work hours go down
  • The importance of pushing all your videos through a proven system that ensure they not only get results, but that those results continue to grow and compound over time
  • All the components you’ll need to setup LITERALLY the exact same systems that the most profitable businesses use so that you can pull in results just like they do
  • What it takes to make sure your system is BULLETPROOF so that it can stand the tests of the marketplace and continue to grow your income for years to come

CHAPTER 9: Scaling Your Video Business Out Of This World

When it comes to crushing it in the world of business, being able to SCALE is what sets you apart. This ensures that you never reach a glass ceiling and your income can continue to grow to all new heights. And all of this is WITHOUT you having to work a million extra hours a day because we’re just going to let systems do all the work for us. When it comes to BREAKING FREE FINANCIALLY scaling is what will get you there.

  • An unusual method to get an unlimited amount of high-converting videos ranked on YouTube for you day and night without you even having to lift a finger
  • The EXACT strategies I use to dominate the competition and scale beyond even the biggest brands in the world so that I can take a huge chunk of their marketshare 
  • How to create an “All Eyes On Me” role in your space so that when people even THINK of your niche, they think of you and flock to you ready to buy
  • A simple 6-step process that will allow you to go from a few YouTube videos online to literally thousands that pull in profits for you from all kinds of different sources
  • How I’m able to set my YouTube channels on autopilot and check them later to see that they’ve not just grown exponentially in size, but that the INCOME has grown too

CHAPTER 10: Outsourcing Everything With A Team Of Hitters

Making a lot of money in business does NOT mean that you need to be working all day. Sure there is a lot of work, but it’s about that work getting DONE, not about YOU being the one that does it. By learning how to put a small and cost-effective team in place, they can crush out work for you literally while you sleep. It’s having a team like this that has allowed peace of mind while my YouTube assets grow like crazy.

  • How to keep your focus on the income-producing activities in your business and hand the rest to your team so you’re always using your time effectively 
  • What it REALLY takes to put together a team that can produce for you around the clock WITHOUT running into “workplace politics” that take away form true growth
  • My secret to “Fast-Tracking” new team members into rapid video production so I can beat my competition to the market and even steal their customers in droves
  • I’ll introduce you to the EASIEST way to hire on team members that are a perfect fit INSTANTLY and can start creating money-making videos for you TODAY
  • You’ll get to live a life of freedom doing what you please while occasionally checking in on your team to see just how much they’re producing for you

So…What Does All Of This Mean For YOU?

When you learn these techniques and strategies for your business, you’ll be able to:

  • Not just bring in more views on your videos…but ensure those views convert into SALES
  • Not just accelerate the growth of your business…but ensure that it’s BULLETPROOF
  • Not just reduce the amount of time you spend on your business…but reduce your STRESS
  • Not just improve your marketing reach worldwide…but tap into a worldwide CUSTOMER POOL as well
  • Not just build a proper foundation for your business…but use that as a platform to reach MILLIONS
  • Not just becoming an expert in video marketing – but being able to show the MARKETPLACE that you’re an expert so that customers flock to you in droves
  • Not just enhance your businesses earning abilities…but build a wide array of assets that can pull in money for you around the clock whether you’re working or sleeping

All of this is more than just possible…it’s something you can kick off RIGHT NOW. These are the EXACT same techniques I’ve personally used to dominate YouTube and teach my clients to dominate as well.

Now…I want you to take a second and think about your dream business…the one we talked about in the beginning.

And now I want you to think about how that wouldn’t change only YOUR life…

…but also the lives of those closest to you that you love the most.

What would it mean to bring that dream business to life?

To turn it into a reality where you could financially free yourself and your family forever?

It takes a new way of doing things to make that happen…a new system.

And that’s the system Video Ranking Club is about to give you.

It’s hard to put a price tag on being able to setup a system ONCE that can earn money for you and your family forever.

I personally charge clients anywhere from $2,500 – $5,000 to be able to help them setup this system.

But in order to get this powerful system in the hands of even more people, I wanted to make it available for you today too.

All I ask is that you commit 15-30 minutes a day to this course in order to get the same phenomenal results my clients and I get. Stay consistent and you’ll be almost unrecognizable to those that knew you in the past when they see your business blast off to all new heights.

Pay attention, implement, take action and you’ll find yourself in a completely new place just 30 days from now.

This system is so proven that I know for sure you can plug into it and create an incredible success story for yourself. I can’t wait to hear YOUR success story and share it with my audience so that not only YOU get amazing results, but you inspire others to get amazing results as well.

What Makes This The Last Video Marketing Course You’ll Ever Need?

When Video Ranking Club was originally released in 2015 I decided that instead of doing a giant public launch that I would instead bring in a small group of people and watch their progress.

What happened next surprised me completely: Although I kept the group tight, most people in it didn’t take the action steps I was laying out for them. I was pretty bummed because this stuff had been making me A LOT of money and I share it with others.

But the next day, something happened…

I got a message in my Facebook inbox. Someone had taken action.

Then another. And then another. Many of them the ones you’re seeing on this page.

One said they got a front page Google ranking. One said they got an instant #1 spot on YouTube. One said that they had uploaded a few videos for the same term and were taking up SEVERAL spots on the front page.

I became hooked. People WERE taking action and getting results…it just wasn’t ALL of them.

But that’s to be expected. And that happens in every program.

And it wasn’t until a few months down the road where I realized just how big of an impact taking action on a course like this could have.

A dear friend had messaged me, someone who I’d known for a while and had been struggling in the world of business. And do you know what he told me? He told me that IMPLEMENTING the content in this course had changed his life and given his family OPTIONS financially for the very first time. 

I can’t tell you how powerful it was to receive a message like that.

But you know who it was REALLY powerful for? The friend that sent it to me.

Because he took the information that you’re about to receive and he decided to do something about it. He was strong enough to stand up and say “No more! I will not let where I am determine my future. I am going to DO SOMETHING about this situation to protect myself & my family and I’M GOING TO DO IT NOW!”

THAT my friend, is why he got the results that he did, why he is able to create multiple income streams that give him and his family OPTIONS…that give him and his family PEACE OF MIND…that give him and his family FREEDOM.

The information inside Video Ranking Club CAN change your life…but only if you let it.

Only if you roll up your sleeves and ACT! Only if you believe in yourself enough to show up and do the work.

And the beautiful thing about the course? You don’t have to do all the work yourself. I made sure to weave enough automation and outsourcing tactics in there so that you can make the money that will take care of your family while you actually have time to spend with them.

The only question is, will you do what most people who invest in courses do: sit it on the shelf and let it collect dust?

Or will you do what my friend did? Deciding to TAKE CONTROL of his future and TAKE ACTION which led to results like he’s never gotten before.

The choice is yours my friend. I’m here to help you make the right one.





“Highly recommended to anyone looking to get results. I have seen a massive transformation in my leads and sales from Ben’s training.”


“This Course Is Worth Ten Times The Cost”

“If you’re stuck deciding whether or not you should by Video Ranking Club, trust me when I say you’re losing money by NOT ordering it. I honestly think this course is worth ten times as much as it costs. Ben walks you through every single aspect of ranking videos online step-by-step and that makes it one of the most impressive trainings out there.

Most importantly, Ben is dedicated to helping others succeed and you can see that from the level of detail and clarity he puts into Video Ranking Club. So get off your ass, order now and start learning from one of the best in the business.”


“To Me…This Is Power”

“So for Father’s Day this year Kelly has signed me up for an AWESOME course by Benjamin Jacques. For most this would make no sense, be so far off their radar or just seem silly as a Father’s Day gift. To me, this is power. Power to create income for my family. Power to develop another skillset. Power to grow together. Game on.”



(That’s Right…Let Us Train Your Outsourcing Team FOR YOU!)

Get ready to supercharge your results in record time! Not only are we going to show you the 50,000 foot view of how to outsource up to literally 95% of this business, but we’re actually going to take the time to train your outsourcing team FOR YOU!

No worries about you having to learn all this content and then reteach it to your outsourcers. All you have to do is give them access to the Video Ranking Club Outsourcer Training Suite and they can follow the specific tutorial videos we’ve made for THEM to get them ready to roll right out of the gate. If you’re serious about scaling up your video marketing efforts while simultaneously freeing up more of your time to spend with those you love, this is for you.

I’m about to hand you the keys to running your very own outsourcing team for pennies on the dollar that can produce videos for you at an alarming rate. You’ll not only get access to the entire Suite that will train them for you, but we’re going as far as giving you the job posting templates you can use to hire them.

PART 1: Job Posting Templates

I’ll reveal the exact sites I hire my personal team from and even give you the job templates I use to hire them. This means that all you’ll have to do is literally copy and paste what I’ve already written into the site I recommend the the applications will flood in. Your team will come to YOU and you’ll barely have to lift a finger.

PART 2: Project Management Software Setup

You’re not only going to get the inside scoop on the PERFECT project management software to run a smooth operation, but I’m also going to show you how to set it up and plug in our pre-made templates so your team can rock and roll. This system ensures that you can produce money-making videos at scale without even having to think about it.

PART 3: Outsourcer Training Videos

Ensure that your outsourcing team gets all the training they need for your video marketing operation to get started and SCALE. These videos will train your team FOR YOU so that they can make profitable videos while you SLEEP. The result will be a well-oiled video-producing machine that grows your bottom line by the day.

Still not 100% sure course this course is right for you? You can try it for 14 days in full, backed by our Iron-Clad Guarantee.

You’ll Also Get Access To Our World Class Support Team

As the leader of the Bliss & Business Customer Care Department, it’s my goal to ensure you have the best possible experience going through this course. You’ll always be able to talk to a real person, get a speedy response and get your answers ASAP. We’re dedicated to your success and excited to contribute to your results. Have questions for us? Call/Text Our Team At (877) 44VIDEO

LAURA L. – Customer Care Expert

You Don’t Have To Make Up Your Mind Right Now
Try Video Ranking Club Risk-Free For The Next 14 Days And Then Decide

Now you don’t have to say yes straight away.

You can literally be going through the first module in 2-3 minutes from now.

Because our team knows you’ll absolutely love Video Ranking Club, we also wanted to reach out and give you a 14 day guarantee for you to check out the training 100% risk-free.

Dig in. Try it out. Implement what you’re learning…and stay consistent to start seeing consistent results.

Because the truth is that you can get those results sooner than later…IF you take action.

Let the work you did and the results you got be the judge.

Don’t SAY YES unless you’re absolutely thrilled with the results you get.

Your investment in Video Ranking Club is 100% protected by our no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Don’t decide now…Take all the time you need & try Video Ranking Club for 2 full weeks

We know you’ll absolutely love Video Ranking Club so we don’t even need to say this, but rest assured you can get a full refund within 14 days if you need one for any reason.

Here’s What Happens After You Purchase

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STEP 3 – Enjoy Your New Course!

All you have to do now is log in and get started! Watch the intro video for instructions on getting started

It’s Time For That Dream Business To COME TO LIFE

If you’re still here, still on this page, still reading the words I’m are clearly interested in this course. Trust your gut. Follow your intuition on the decision you’re about to make to push forward.

So many people get into this game and DREAM of having an amazing business that pulls in passive income…but so few of them actually achieve it. And the reason is because they don’t build systems like THIS ONE….

…like the one YOU are about to build my friend.

You deserve to have a thriving business.

You deserve to be able to break free financially.

And you deserve to break your family free too.

You’re about to get access to literally everything you need to make this system work…

…minus one thing…and that is YOU pulling the trigger.

All I ask is that you align yourself with the side of the marketplace that succeeds, with the people that win, with those who will invest in a course like this and then tear through it implementing what they learn until MASSIVE results become everyday business.

My job is to make sure you’re 100% happy with your investment and I take my job EXTREMELY seriously.

One day you’ll go from looking at a page like this to making an investment decision…so make that day TODAY. Because there’s plenty of programs out there that promise you instant riches without having to do any work. There’s plenty of programs you can get into that will promise you everything you want to hear but then fail to deliver.

This course is not one of those. This is different. And by the time you’re finished going through this one…you’ll have a skill and a system that you can take with you for the rest of your life.

All you have to do is pull the trigger.

So my only question is…what’s next?

To Your Dream Business,


Frequently Asked Questions

What If I've Never Made A Video Before?

No worries whatsoever! We have modules specifically designed for you in this course if you haven’t made your first video yet to teach you not only how to make one, but how to make it AWESOME! If you think about it…everything we do in our lives is something we didn’t do at one time. Making videos is no different! And this course will show you how to make some awesome ones that will make you MONEY.

I'm Afraid To Be On Camera...Is This Course For Me?

If you’re asking this question then I have a specific series of trainings I included in this course JUST FOR YOU to help you become a confident video-making rockstar. I remember the first time I shot a video I was sweating, nervous and it took 50 takes. Now I can whip out a phone and record an amazing video in ONE take, and I’m going to teach you EVERYTHING I know about how to do that. You’ll be an absolute boss (or lady boss) on camera in no time!

What If Google Or YouTube Makes An Algorithm Change?

Our team is 100% on top of any changes YouTube and Google is making so you can rest assured that if anything would affect these ranking strategies, you will be the first to hear about it as well as receiving a FREE strategy update. The awesome thing is that since we released this course over TWO YEARS AGO we haven’t had to make any changes at all to the training because our techniques are timeless. You’ll have peace of mind not having to worry about the next slap because your SEO will be safe, even if the rest of the marketplace isn’t!

How Do I Know If This Program Is Right For Me?

Are you currently running your dream business? One that produces REAL passive income from systems you’ve setup ONCE that continue to pull in money day after day? Do you feel as if you have the potential to reach more people, make more money and have a greater impact? If so, this this course is 100% for you because you are the type that will take action on the information inside and thus produce the kind of results that will turn your dream life into a reality.

I Don't Have Anything To Sell...Can I Still Use This?

One part of the course is 100% dedicated to showing you all kinds of different ways you can monetize your videos, SOME that are even hidden by the best in the industry! You can literally be setup with something to promote just minutes from now, and this course is what will link you to the best offers for YOU to start making money with RIGHT AWAY. From there the only problem you’ll have is picking just how many income streams you want to get started with!

How Soon Will I Start To See Results?

We’ve designed the training in this course to help you get rankings on YouTube and Google as quickly as possible. Although a lot of the time you can expect to see instant first page rankings, there are some videos that have certain factors on the page that might take the video longer to rank. For example, if there’s a lot of competition on the page then it might take a little longer to rank than a page with barely any competition at all. The beautiful thing is that this course addresses what to do in ALL circumstances, so you’ll always know what your next step is to secure the rankings you want, and the results that will inevitably follow.

Do I Need Fancy Equipment And Expensive Cameras?

Not at all! You can get away with shooting videos on your iPhone that have solid video and audio quality so there is no need to run out and purchase a bunch of expensive equipment. In fact, if anyone ever says that you NEED that stuff in order to succeed with video, you should run in the opposite direction! The truth is that you don’t even need to be the one making the videos yourself if you don’t want to, so you DEFINITELY don’t need fancy equipment! 

What If I Don't See Results As Soon As I Want To?

If for whatever reason you don’t see the results you’re looking for with this program, you’re entitled to a 100% refund of your money within 14 days of purchase. There will be no hoops to jump through and we won’t ask you any questions. We’ll just send you your money back and work harder to get and KEEP your business next time. Optionally before that, feel free to reach out to me PERSONALLY on Facebook with any questions you have about your strategy and I would be more than willing to assist. HERE IS THE LINK to my profile.

I Don't Want To Be On Camera. Can I Still Use This?

Absolutely! One of the wings of the course is full of trainings about how you can get OTHER PEOPLE to make videos for you in all kinds of different formats. This is actually the way to scale the QUICKEST because you can be out sipping mojitos on the beach while your team cranks out videos in the background that you didn’t even have to appear in! There are MANY ways to make this happen and we share ALL of them in this course. You’re guaranteed to find the solution you’re looking for.

How Do I Help Get This Course In The Hands Of My Friends?

Video Ranking Club has a phenomenal affiliate program that will allow you to not just share the course with other people that need it, but be able to earn $500 commissions for each person that buys! We have an entire affiliate area that will set you up with links that will point your audience over to us and educate them about the course FOR YOU and then send you your commission in 14 days after they sign up. We have a full suite of tools you can use to promote and you can rest assured that anyone you send our way will be taken care of and will have a phenomenal experience.

Can I Invest With Cryptocurrency Like Bitcoin & Ethereum?

Absolutely! If you’d prefer to pay using Bitcoin or Ethereum simply get in touch with support by using the live chat box on the right side of this page. We will provide a blockchain wallet ID for you to be able to send your payment through and will unlock the course for you as soon as it’s processed.




“Outranking every contractor and real estate agent in my area for a ton of keywords.”


“Definitely Worth The Investment”

“Well I can say one thing: I was completely impressed watching you rank a video to the number one spot right before my very eyes. Definitely worth the investment and I’m excited to start going through the course.”


“THAT Module Alone Was Worth The Price Of The Course”

“Ben – Jane and I just went through the first Video Conversion module about what it takes to make videos that convert. MAN, OH MAN, that module alone is worth the price of the course! So much value in 52 minutes! And we’re barely scratching the surface! Time to start implementing what we learned. Thanks a million for this.”


“I’ve ALREADY Got Leads!”

“Yea man, just putting some of this video marketing stuff to work. It’s really competitive in the MLM training niche but with regards to promoting my stuff, I’ve already got leads and a customer from just ONE of my videos!”


“Your System = DIRTY!”

“Your system = dirty. I have uploaded 13 videos to a local channel here in Florida and it’s been like 10 minutes and they’re all within Top 5 on Google already! By the way, my team uploaded 8 videos for me while I was surfing…wait…make that 20!”


“I Have 8 Out Of 10 Positions On Google”

“Following Benjamin’s expert tuition I have 8 out of 10 positions on Google with videos in the UK for great keywords. That was within 5 minutes.”


Don’t decide now…Take all the time you need & try Video Ranking Club for 2 full weeks

We know you’ll absolutely love Video Ranking Club so we don’t even need to say this, but rest assured you can get a full refund within 14 days if you need one for any reason.