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SUBJECT LINE: New YouTube Cash Loophole? Check This Out…
When it comes to securing the future of your business, you want to make sure you have a steady flow of customers coming in.
YouTube can not just help make this happen, but bring them to you in DROVES!
Click Here Now (LINK)
Above is a link that will point you to a page that contains the 50,000 foot view of how to make all of this happen for YOU and YOUR business.
It also covers how this system has worked for others, to help them add new options to their lives financially so they can now live life on their own terms…
…thanks to one simple system…
…that’s revealed during this FREE online training.
Over the next few days, I’ll be sending you a few more emails that include some free tips that a friend of mine has been using to earn more, travel the world, work LESS and live a great life…
He uses this system and that’s what makes all of this possible for him.
You’ll hear his story but also the stories of others who have done it too.
In these emails you’ll learn:
– The #1 secret that took my friend Ben from bussing tables at a dead-end cafe to launching an online business that has done $10,000 days from video marketing alone
– Why “following your heart” when it comes to creating content for your videos is the WORST way to choose the video subject, and what to do instead to guarantee profit and success
– Why climbing the corporate ladder isn’t the way to go…and how you can make more in a MONTH than most people make in a YEAR just by putting simple little videos on YouTube
– The BEST tips from people who have set this system up and profited from it themselves, some going from earning ZERO to now pulling in sales consistently with ease
– The CRIPPLING mistakes that most people make (myself at one point too) want to QUIT right before they strike gold with video marketing, and how to STAY ON TRACK
– 7 keys to simple video profits – how to CRUSH overwhelm by only doing what’s 100% necessary, and keeping everything FUN along the path to profit as you build this video marketing system out
– How to use FREE video marketing methods to make money so that you’re not spending out of pocket, and how to leverage videos you didn’t even have to make yourself to pull in profits
– How to start a YouTube channel from SCRATCH and take it all the way to profitability, step by step
Just WAIT until you see what this online training has in store for you…
Click Here Now (LINK)
Oh and if you’re not digging all this AWESOME stuff I just mentioned above, and you don’t feel like I’m delivering the goods on what it takes to REALLY succeed, then simply scroll to the bottom of any email and just remove your name from my list.
Hopefully though, you’ll stick around, since I have a LOT of phenomenal stuff to share with you about how to make money with YouTube and be able to live whatever kind of lifestyle you want because of it.
Talk Soon,
P.S. I always get asked how people like myself and Ben are able to do what we do…
It’s simple really, but only if you’re willing to follow the system that we already laid out for you, the one that we explain during this online training.
You see, he’s spent a LOT of time and money developing this system to make sure that you can literally set it up to be 90% automated and easy to plug into right away to produce a profit. So because of that, he simply requires that you follow the plug-and-play process and you’ll be well on your way to earning whatever you’d like in no time.
Here’s the link to the training to see how the whole thing works:
Click Here Now (LINK)
SUBJECT LINE: The RAW Truth About Being An Entrepreneur
I LOVE entrepreneurship.
It comes with passive income.
What is THAT you ask?
It’s the kind of money that just keeps coming in…whether you’re working or not.
Set the system once.
Follow simple instructions.
Money comes in month after month.
Click Here Now (LINK)
The raw truth about it though…
…about “being an entrepreneur” and “making passive income”?
It doesn’t come easily…
…UNLESS you are following a PROVEN system laid out for you by people who have already succeeded BEFORE you and have the results to prove it.
But know this: having a job or running a business that’s not making ends meet is NOT enough!
Jobs are risky. You’re trading hours of your life away from family and friends for a paycheck that you can’t even control.
Making money online with video, you can write your OWN check and CHOOSE when you work…
…tio have more time to spend actually LIVING!
BUT…unless you follow a SYTEM that has a LOT of the work done for you, where there is SERIOUS leverage, then being an entrepreneur with a business is going to be FAR from running your “dream business”.
Trying to figure everything out yourself will leave you confused, burnt out and BROKE.
Then you’ll be working a lot for little money again…just like back at the job.
And while I can appreciate the “hustle”, I’d rather just upload videos that get the RESULTS and ensure that I can always live my dream lifestyle around the clock with a business that supports it.
Here’s the difference between what IS and what ISN’T passive income.
I rank videos on YouTube that drive traffic to affiliate offers.
The funnels are already built for me.
In a lot of cases I just get someone else to make the video for me and I just keep pushing out videos with this system to keep bringing in affiliate sales whether I’m awake or sleeping.
It’s the same system I was talking about earlier:
It really is an incredible feeling knowing that I can have my videos working for me 24/7 whether I’m working or ASPEEP.
That’s a TOTAL win-win in my book.
The key is that a TRUE entrepreneur is someone who will plug in, take advice and FOLLOW a system like this.
It’s THOSE people that get results.
The people who don’t take action or sit on their hands and complain? Well, we all know what happens to them if we’re really honest with ourselves: they get nowhere.
But YOU my friend have a CHOICE!
If you’re ready to step up and be a REAL entrepreneur and get RESULTS like a real entrepreneur with passive income that supports you and your family for life…
…then click the link below to check out the system so many others are starting to use to do the same. You’ll be given our formula for doing EXACTLY that.
Talk Soon,
P.S. Get ready. Tomorrow I’m going to send over a friend’s personal story about how they went from not having enough money to get food and going 10 days without eating to making over $10,000 in under 10 hours.
He’s going to be showing you how to avoid the mistakes he made and how to learn from his comeback to get whatever you want in life and run a video business that supports whatever that dream life looks like. And it all starts with THIS system.
SUBJECT LINE: $10,000 In Under 10 Hours
A story from my friend Benjamin Jacques about just how powerful videos were for HIS life…and how he used one to crawl from borderline homelessness to a life of bliss and profits.
Here’s his story:
“How would this change your life?
I was in Maryland…broke and living at my parent’s house.
It was then I pressed “PUBLISH” on a social media post with a video attached and a little writeup I had done earlier that day.
I can’t lie…I was really nervous. My hands were asking.
I had put together a high ticket offer and was about to launch it to my audience for the first time.
At 9AM I finished putting up the post with the video.
The whole thing took me less than 30 minutes to write and shoot.
I clicked “SEND”.
If I’m not mistaken it was just a short post…and a short video. Nothing too intense.
After an hour the messages started rolling in.
LOTS of people wanted in on my offer.
And within 10 hours I had over $10,000 in my PayPal account. Well, $11,252 to be precise.
No joint ventures. No paid advertising. No techy stuff.
In short…I was stoked. The formula was working.
I had essentially made that much just because I was able to put a video together the right way, like I teach in this system:
I saw that this was all REAL and that I could get results MUCH FASTER than I thought!
All pulled off by a college dropout that used to wipe down tables at a cafe.
I made more in a DAY than I would have in MONTHS working at that cafe.
Now I don’t say this to brag, but rather to make a point…
And I’m not saying that YOU will get these kind of results right away.
The average person takes basically no action at all…
…so they never get the results they’re looking for or end up living their dream lives.
I don’t know whether you’ll take action or not.
Truly, I hope you do.
Because it was taking action that changed everything for me and set me free.
It was learning how just ONE video I made could have an incredible impact on my finances, and then realizing I was able to make as many videos as possible!
By the way, here’s our system laid out with the EXACT actions you can take to start earning enough money online to quit your job and fund yourself just with uploading videos to YouTube:
In fact, one of the members of our course even wrote in to thank me because he was taking so much action and getting so many new results…
…that he said thanks to this system he was able to create options for his family that they never had before.
Pretty amazing right?
You can hear his story and the stories of others on this page where I put together some information about the system we talked about earlier.
See you on there.”
— Hey, me again. How powerful was Ben’s story?
I know you’re excited so I’ll just let you get right to it and access the same system that helped set Ben free and is in the process of setting so many others free as well.
Talk Soon,
P.S. Ben also said that although this system really showed him just how QUICKLY real results could come, it wasn’t the FIRST time he started making money online.
We actually have another story from him tomorrow about a situation he got himself in during college you wouldn’t believe, that essentially forced him to drop out and HAVE TO make the “internet marketing thing” work. More about that in the next email, it was a pretty spontaneous move but the right one if you ask me…
SUBJECT LINE: The College Scam And The Day He Dropped Out…
Hey, we have another story here from Benjamin Jacques, the creator of the system we talked about in the last email that is helping entrepreneurs all around the world make money by just uploading YouTube videos.
Here’s the system in case you needed a refresher:
Anyway, Ben’s story today is about the line he was walking between going to college and pursuing a career in video marketing full time. Here’s what happened from his view…
“I HATED college…
…minus the partying and girls. Those parts were cool.
And if I was making money with something like THIS it would have been a LOT cooler:
But the classes, the homework, the endless assignments…
BLEH! It was the WORST! Not my cup of tea AT ALL!
But day after day I trudged to class so that I could try to get through it…
…that is if I wasn’t skipping class to go smoke weed at the beach with friends…
…but that’s a story for another day.
It was around this time when I knew I could REALLY start getting the whole “full time online” thing down and start making some actual money with the videos I knew how to make.
The only problem: I had no money.
Actually, I had like negative money. I had to make $3,000+ in a WEEK or else I was going to lose my car and my apartment and that DEFINITELY means also losing my spot at my college soooo…
…I did what any good aspiring entrepreneur would do and I cried to a random Guru on Facebook messenger and asked what I should do.
He gave me a lot of good advice that DID involve me making a few different videos. I implemented what he said. And the results were staggering to me at the time.
Little did I know it would change my path forever…
I woke up one day that week to see two emails in my inbox.
One was a summary from PayPal saying that I had actually made the $3,000 I needed in THREE DAYS! I had three $1,000 days back to back (thanks to the videos that this guy told me to make).
I was in the clear. And more importantly, I saw that I could really DO THIS for the first time! All from pretty much making videos and writing a few things. Simple!
BUT…there was another email in the inbox as well.
It was from one of my teachers. And they said I got a “D” on my latest art paper because I didn’t “include enough artistic vocabulary in it”.
I got in my car immediately and drove to the Dean’s office.
I walked through the front door.
10 minutes later I dropped out of the university.
Why did I succeed?
I was willing to take a RISK!
I was willing to do the WORK!
I was willing to change DIRECTIONS when I knew the path I was headed down wasn’t working for me!
And I was willing to follow advice from people who had been there, done that, and knew that you can literally just make VIDEOS that make money so I made the videos they told me to make.
Videos like YOU will learn to make inside this system:
You can have whatever you want and get whatever results you want.
But sometimes you have to take a RISK and head in a new DIRECTION to get what you want.
In fact, it’s USUALLY like that.
Most people are afraid to take risks because it’s outside of their comfort zone.
They don’t start that dream business because “the job pays the bills.”
They don’t make the videos because “they don’t know how”.
They don’t buy the course the TEACHES THEM HOW because “they don’t have time to go through it”.
They don’t UNLEASH their entrepreneurial calling because “they need to focus on getting the promotion”.
In the end…you’ll only regret the chances you didn’t take.
I know I WOULD regret staying in college, getting a 9-5, and SETTLING for less than what I deserve.
But that was because I took a risk.
Will YOU?”
— How powerful was THAT story?
Ben came from a place where he had no money, was doing things he wasn’t passionate about and living with daily stress.
And he ended up living a life where he’s happy and just gets to make money by creating simple videos.
Pretty cool turnaround right?
Yours can be next. I’d recommend diving into Ben’s system to learn EXACTLY how he made this happen…and the specific types of videos that make him the most money.
Talk Soon,
P.S. Mark Zuckerberg, FACEBOOK Founder said “The biggest risk is NOT taking any risk. In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is NOT taking risks.”
There’s a LOT we can learn from that.
And there’s also a lot we can learn from a few of the case studies who have gone through the system Ben made who started seeing results with their videos almost instantly.
Can’t wait to share these, stay tuned. And in the meantime, catch a story or two on this page that explains the system you’re about to get access to:
SUBJECT LINE: INSTANT Rankings In YouTube AND Google
There are a lot of testimonials for Video Ranking Club because of how easy the system is to get rankings and FAST…
…but there was ONE story that stuck out in particular that I noticed on the page.
By the way, here’s a link to the page that explains the system…
It was somebody who said that because of taking this course SERIOUSLY and taking ACTION on the information inside of it…
…he was able to start creating multiple streams of income for himself and his family…
…and he said this gave his family OPTIONS that they never had before.
Powerful stuff, right?
This person did what so few are willing to do…and that is TAKE ACTION.
Most people get a high just off of investing in a system like this one that can literally help them unlock as much money as they want.
But then when it comes to actually rolling up their sleeves and putting in the work…they bail…and they don’t end up getting the results they want or living the LIFE they want.
And all they had to do was follow a simple system…
A system like the one Ben laid out for you ALREADY that details everything he does A-Z to make money by just uploading simple videos to the internet.
Because when you take action on a system that WORKS…you get RESULTS. You just HAVE to…there’s no other way it can go.
Results like some of the case studies you’ll see when you visit the page that goes over Ben’s ranking system in detail.
Take action, and you could be the next person that says something like:
“ALREADY got leads and sales from ONE video!”
“Outranking EVERYBODY in my local area!”
“I got 15 front-page rankings in 10 minutes!!!”
Those are all REAL RESULTS from people who have been through this course and have most importantly TAKEN ACTION on the information inside of it.
If you just do what they do and then kick it up a notch…just IMAGINE what kind of life you can create for yourself.
The results can be infinite.
I’ll see you inside.
Talk Soon,
P.S. Remember that it’s also important to get rankings that will STICK long-term. Lots of people will show you the “strategy of the week” to do some sketchy stuff and pop up a ranking really quickly but then it fades away. You want to be able to get a ranking QUICKLY that STAYS UP.
The beauty of this system is that it combines the best of both. You don’t have to wait forever to get results BUT your videos can LAST forever and just sit there cranking leads for you. THAT is a system that can bring in money while letting you buy back your time. How awesome is THAT?
SUBJECT LINE: Video Marketing Gurus STEALING From You?
It seems like everyone hates “gurus”.
I know I’ve definitely dealt with many of them in my day.
Lots of them were way too pushy…
…in-your-face salesy…
…again, not my cup of tea at all.
Most would sell their MOTHERS to make a buck.
BUT…with the gurus…there are SOME that are solid.
And THOSE are the ones you can learn how to make a LOT of money from.
Like the guy that put THIS system together:
The people who are at the top of their game are considered the “gurus”.
It’s the ETHICAL ones you want to stick around though…
…and the ones that teach you not just how to make money, but how to build SYSTEMS that make money for you.
Those are the types who have hit their levels of success not by climbing over the backs of others to get there…
…but by helping lift up as many people as possible to empower them to succeed.
When you can get around THOSE people…
…and build the same SYSTEMS they use…
…you end up MAKING money instead of losing it.
The important thing though is to have someone who is also ETHICAL that can lead you through a system like this.
That way you can ensure that you’re building the right stuff…
…that it will make you money long-term…
…and that you’re working a system that has INTEGRITY in it.
A system like this one…
The people at the top have MASTERED systems like this one to pull in the kind of money that they make.
Will YOU?
And will you learn how to build the systems that they build so that you can succeed long-term?
Or will you wander off the path and never build a system and possibly worse…end up following the advice of someone who is NOT ethical?
THAT is how people fail.
THAT is why I want to be on the RIGHT side of the fence.
I’m very careful who I work with…
…but I don’t hate “gurus”.
Just the unethical ones 😉
But the SOLID ones…those who have mastered their craft…
…those are the ones I’ll learn from 7 days a week.
They have systems I’ll study EVERY DAY. Systems like this one:
Now the guy behind this system…he’s KILL ME if he knew I was calling him a “guru” in this email but the truth is, he’s someone who’s been doing this for a while and has put together a solid system for it, and THAT is what matters.
When you can follow a person and system like that…
…you can have as much success as you want.
And THAT is truly what I wish for you my friend.
You deserve it.
Talk Soon,
P.S. WARNING: There ARE dangers in following the WRONG people, and LOTS of them. If you do…it could end up costing you everything: your business, your lifestyle, your bank accounts and MORE.
I don’t have time to get into EVERYTHING about how this can sabotage you. We’ll cover it in the next email that comes up.
But for now…make sure to actually take my recommendation to see this webinar from an ETHICAL leader about how YOU can start an online video business that actually makes it.
SUBJECT: Best Video Marketing Course He’s Ever Seen?
Those were the words of one man who went through Video Ranking Club…and he said he had spent a LOT of money on video marketing courses in the past…
…but none were like THIS ONE.
The awesome part?
This guy had already been ranking videos for a while. And usually when you’re at that level you go through a video marketing course and already “know everything” because everyone just rehashes the same old information.
Not in this course.
This guy was able to go through here and not just make NEW videos that started pulling in rankings and results…
…but he was able to take the strategies and go back to OLD VIDEOS and apply it to help those skyrocket in the rankings too.
Think about how powerful that is…
…to be able to REVIVE a piece of content you already made so that it could start helping lots of people and start making MONEY!
On top of that, he was able to test this system out for non-competitive and EXTREMELY competitive niches and get rankings and results in BOTH!
Unfortunately most video marketing courses out there will barely teach you how to rank for the “easy keywords” let alone the “harder ones” where all the money REALLY is.
Thankfully, this course that’s being raved about helps you out with BOTH so that you can make money however you want when it comes to video marketing. New videos, old videos. Whatever!
Check out the same system here:
There are so many good reviews for people getting results FAST with this system that I couldn’t ignore it anymore and not only did I have to dive in and check it out for MYSELF…
…but I felt the need to share it with YOU as well!
Serious, how powerful is this?
You can upload a video ONCE that makes money FOREVER.
You can take a video that’s making NO MONEY and do a few things to it and watch it start to crank profits DAILY.
You can flick on your phone and shoot a 2-minute video that earns you thousands of thousands of dollars long-term.
THAT is where the leverage is my friend.
And these days more than ever, leverage is what I look for.
You can have it too…with this exact system I use that you’re about to get access to today. Just hit the link below and I’ll get you more details about it.
Cheers to more leverage in your life…
…and more money in your bank!
Talk Soon,
P.S. Whatever “problems” you feel like you’re facing with your life, your finances, your job or your business, it’s building systems like THIS ONE that can move you forward.
When you set something up that can earn money WITHOUT you having to be there working, you can start to do things like quit jobs, take trips, donate to charities, all kinds of amazing things that DRASTICALLY improve the quality of your life. Start that journey today my friend. You’ll be glad you did.

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